JR Art Lab


Covid-19 has brought the world of traditional sport to a standstill. From cancellation of major leagues across the world to the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the virus has put a pause on the celebration of the human spirit, including fairplay and honesty; excellence in performance; fun and joy; teamwork; dedication and commitment; respect for rules; respect for self and other participants; courage; community and more. 

In order to keep the spirit of sports intact, we are pleased to launch JR eSports. It’s FREE. Registration required. New events will be announced as we plan them below. 

This Art Lab Community event is free of charge and all software is free to download. See the form for links when you sign up..

This week as of 22nd May we are setting up a group LASER TAG game online. You will need your parent’s permission to play. Registration closes 23:59 hrs Thursday 21st May.

eSports program has been paused until further notice.
Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

You will need to download steam from https://store.steampowered.com/ and install RecRoom https://recroom.com/rec-room. Please be reminded that Rec Room is unfortunately not supported on Mac.However you could partition a portion of your Mac’s hard disk drive for Windows. To play in the private game room we will add your username(NOT Display name) and send you an invite at the start of the eventfuther