JR Art Lab

JR. Photographer

In the digital age everyone is walking around with a high powered image capture device in their possession; but what makes good and bad photographs. We teach the fundamentals of image capture that allow any device to become a creative tool to record, capture or express.

Learn to become creative with your camera. This class is an introduction to digital photography. Students can expect to learn how to make a correct exposure, shoot in challenging lighting situations, make strong compositions and more.

Topics include*:

  • Digital camera control and manual capture
  • Lens selection
  • Exposure & Histogram
  • Aperture Control
  • Shutter Speed Control
  • Depth Of Field
  • Framing and Composition
  • Rule of thirds
  • White Balance and Color Temperature¬†
  • Color Theory
  • Lighting (both outdoor and studio lighting setup)
  • Green screen
  • Photo editing
  • Concept Development
  • Photography Tricks
  • Photos Evaluation
  • Portfolio Development
  • Distribution Options Exploration

As the course progresses, students will be introduced to the creative potential of producing photo books utilizing digital technologies in a more advanced class. Employing presentations and demonstrations students will gain firsthand experience with regard to the conceptualization, the selection and editing, the processing and the sequencing of images used in the making of a book.

Students are required to bring their own digital cameras for each class. Students are strongly encouraged to bring their camera manuals to class for instructional assistance; course instructors are not responsible for knowing the operation of each camera.

The topics will be also adjusted depending on the length of the term. Please be notified that not all areas will be covered in one term. 

Student Artwork