JR Art Lab

Film Club

March 12th, 2020

Dear neighbours,

We have been notified by Audio Cine Films Inc. that a public performance license is required if we wish to continue our FREE Film Club. Despite explaining that our Film Club is aimed at developing JR artists to allow their knowledge base to grow and be inspired, it seems paying the license fee is the only way to keep our community event running.

As one of our community events, we believe that our Film Club gives our neighbourhood a chance to meet other students with a common interest. Also building relationships that will directly help their mental health in the short term, and work toward reducing the rate of depression in later life. There is much research in psychology about forming meaningful relationships in the community and rates of depression. This club has created a sense of belonging for the kids among the art community we are building here.

It’s a difficult decision but we will no longer run Film Club moving forward. Please do understand, that as a small business, we do not currently have the budget for an annual licence for a FREE event. Thanks again for the support of our Film Club. It was a fun time for our little community that came along. For more details about our community events, please visit http://jrartlab.com/community-events/. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@jrartlab.com.

(More information about community and depression can be found here.. :

The FILM CLUB Program is available to local people, families and pets. It will be held by JR Art Lab from our EXTENSIVE FREE FILM LIBRARY to promote community meetings for local residents.

Free movie night will screen a variety of movies from 7:30 – 9:30pm on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month.  This is a perfect family and date night opportunity.

Mums, Dads, Teens, Kids, anyone with a free Saturday night will be welcome. Bring some Pop, Tea, Juice and Snacks and chat about your favourite movies. Movie night is also a great chance to meet your neighbour from Kingston Road Village. 

All regular visitors to the centre can sign up for a free membership card and borrow movies from our library for free. External DVD Drive can be borrowed upon request on a first come first serve basis, it’s also free of charge.

Parents may also borrow movies to watch if their child attends classes on a regular program.

Please note: All movies will be family friendly with a rating of “G” for “general audiences” or PG for “parental guidance”.
Note:   If you are a school, business or non-profit organization interested in participating in this program. Please contact us directly. info@jrartlab.com 

Join us this Saturday 8 September @ 7:30pm for and be Spirited Away...