JR Art Lab

Our Digital Focus

JR Art Lab is an online digital art studio, offering workshops for all ages to develop their skills in digital arts. We conduct online live teaching.

Our current scope of work includes: After School Programs, One-to-one Creative Coaching, Digital Art Workshops, Adult classes, Summer Camps, Artisan Merch, Community Events and more. We are highly adaptable, always evolving in new ways to create and deliver dynamic educational content in this digital world.


Our name JR Art Lab is actually a bit of a philosophical point for us. We believe that all artists need to keep a novice mindset even if they are experienced. The cup that is full can receive no more knowledge. In a world where pro is put on the start/end of everything, it’s creating the wrong impressions for our youth and people in general. We believe art is a life commitment. We also do Adult workshops here at the studio. As you probably know, age has little bearing on one’s artistic development. 


Embrace Technology

Because it’s here to stay. We have entered a post-digital era, where technology + humanity = a new world of possibilities! It’s the time that we should focus on the holistic side of technology. At JR Art Lab, we use technology to create what once would’ve been considered magic. Creativity has always brought humanity meaning in life. Great change doesn’t happen without some struggle and adaptation. We must endure and remain calm when the storm occurs. This journey is one we are taking together. Solving tech issues have become part of modern life. We are here to help you stay connected and stay creative. After all, it’s not effortless to summon magic.

From the entertainment industry to boutique designers … Everyone who wants to find a lifelong art practice that crosses into their professional life has to up-skill and adapt to digital.  Digital art and film production are amazing tools that provide an unprecedented access to a whole variety of tools and media to express our creative potential.

There’s never been more demand for skilled designers, video producers, and photographers. Whether you want to become the next YouTube sensation, capture awe-inspiring photos for National Geographic, or produce animated movies at Pixar, your digital art practice starts with us….

We envision a future where we provide a meaningful service to the community that is valued and valuable. Forming life long relationships that inspire virtue and foster supportive educational learning and practices. It is our belief that training in arts disciplines provides students with the personal toolkit to navigate the difficulties presented in life’s challenges across their lifespan. It is our dream that in some way we contribute to the holistic health of our students, their families and the community

The Challenge:

Technology is so intrinsic to the young generation and increasingly becoming a part of our lives. Channeling their desire for tech into creative goals is really the way forward. We want to challenge the stereotype that technology is inherently bad. We believe it’s the tool’s use that defines its nature. We all know that it’s easy to waste away hours on fruitless activities using our smart phone or tablet; but it’s also possible to make another choice. To spend hours sitting and working on the finer details of a painting or putting in those new cut always for our personal film project.

We offer 11 areas of DIGITAL ART study:
  1. JR. Digital Artist
  2. JR. Designer
  3. JR. 3D Artist
  4. JR. Screenwriter 
  5. JR. Photographer
  6. JR. Documentarian
  7. JR. Podcaster
  8. JR. iPad Artist
  9. JR. Video Editor
  10. JR. Animator
  11. JR. VR Artist (only available at special events)
  • Our Digital Arts After School Programs run 90 min per session. It’s $33 per session across all the streams unless specified. Please check out our Online Class Schedule.
  • All areas of study use digital art software and digital devices. Your child will be required to have access to some technologies for their chosen stream of study.
  • Maximum class size is EIGHT students. We believe smaller classes allow students more individual attention so please book early to avoid disappointment.
  • If your school is looking for digital arts classes please have your teacher or office contact us by email info@jrartlab.com.