JR Art Lab


Weekend is when we have a bit more time to dive a little deeper into our creative consciousness. Weekend workshops are held for families and Individual students.

LIVE Online Workshops provide education and entertainment for students in place of regular school during Pandemic period. It allows parents to continue to work from home when their child is occupied and learning. As well as keeping some structure and goals in their daily routine. These series of workshops should be good for adults also if you have work from home employment. We have successfully attracted participants who live outside of Toronto, where our studio is located. 


Family workshops allow parent and child bonding through shared interest activities. Sometimes setting a specific time and place to spend time together make sure those years don’t just flip by in the mundane tasks of and duties. They also help make a regular day and time we can devote to one individual if you have many children.

Individual Workshops make have specific area of focus. Eg. Green screen effects workshop.. B&W photography workshop.

Workshops below have finished.
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