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JR. iPad Artist

JR iPad Artist

Students in this NEW stream must have their own iPad to enrol.

iPads must be able to download and install:
A) Procreate https://procreate.art 
B) Nomad https://nomadsculpt.com ..
See links to check your iPad IOS version.
We also highly recommend having https://vizref.com for your own collection of reference materials. While not essential it is great to work with however students may work with Pinterest/Mural as an alternative. If you don’t have your own device you may consider joining Jr Digital Artist to get your art fix.. http://jrartlab.com/jr-digital-artist/

This stream is intended to be for mobile artists. We believe that a big part of digital arts magic is its ability to be accessible anytime and anywhere. This stream will focus on a variety of iPad apps and adapt as the development of the tools come to fruition. We are now at the eve of the evolution of digital sculpting and the interaction with procreate. With the next release of Procreate V5.2 artists will be able to paint both 2D and 3D characters in their digital tablet devices. This will be a dynamic and first of its kind workshop for digital artists.