JR Art Lab

Online Class Schedule

  • All areas of study are using digital devices. Your child will be required to have access to some technologies for their chosen stream of study.
  • Maximum class size is EIGHT students. We believe this allows students more individual attention so please book early to avoid disappointment.
  • If your school is looking for digital arts classes please have your teacher or office contact us by email info@jrartlab.com.
  • If you prefer individual guidance,  you can always sign up for our 3 pack Creative Coaching. This One-to-one instruction ensures the student interacts with the teacher individually, so that your child can learn and understand concepts at their own pace and in their own way. If you have something you want to work on, our Creative Coaching program is a great idea.
Online workshops 
Spring 2024  15 weeks ( March 18th – June 28th )
(No classes on Good Friday Day March 24th, Easter Monday April 1st, and Victoria Day May 20th.)
JR Digital Artist 8+90min4:00 PM (8-12)
5:45 PM (13-17)
JR Designer 8+90minClosed
JR Screenwriter 8+90min 5:45 PM (13-17)4:00 PM (8-12)Closed
JR Photographer 8+90min4:00 PM (8-12)
7:30 PM (13-17)
JR 3D Artist  10+90min7:30 PMClosed
JR Documentarian 10+90min5:45 PMClosed
JR Podcaster 10+90min5:45 PM8:30 AMClosed
JR Video Editor 8+90min4:00 PM (Beginner)10:15 AM (Intermediate)Closed
JR iPad Artist 2D 8+90min5:45 PM (8-12)
7:30 PM (13-17)
JR iPad Artist 3D 10+90min 7:30 PMClosed
JR Animator 8+90min4:00 PM (8-12)
5:45 PM (13-17)

NB: Studio may be open some Sundays and Public Holidays for workshops and private classes where scheduled. Please check our Facebook or contact us for more information.

* iPad Artist has 2 different Sessions 2D (Procreate only) & 3D (Procreate x Nomad Sculpt.) Students must have their own iPad and the apps installed for class.