JR Art Lab

Participation & Conduct Notice

Cancellation Policy:

We do not offer refunds on purchases. We do however understand special circumstances and unforeseen emergencies occur. We will be happy to apply a credit to you and reschedule at the discretion and availability of the program and instructor.

No refunds or credits for no-shows or missed workshops. Refunds/credits are not applied to students if they withdraw or shut down in class. A make-up class may be arranged if schedule permits, please contact us for further arrangement. Courses are considered to be individual sale items and cannot be broken down into hours or days. 

Behavioural Expectations & Respect:

At JR we hope to ensure a safe and positive atmosphere for all. Students must be on their best behaviour. Should your child misbehave even after verbal warnings, cause repeated unnecessary disruptions, interfere with other students, or not listen to nor follow instructor’s direction, the student will be removed from the class without a refund. Please remember we are an art studio. We have built this environment to share our knowledge with students gained over many years of experience. Please respect each other and your instructors. Students with special requirements for behaviour or cognitive challenges are recommended to take ‘Creative Coaching classes.’ These classes will help the student gain the skills and confidence with the software before entering into the group classes. 

All classes operate under the Jr Art Lab ABC’s:

A is for Ask
B is for Being Respectful
C is for Caring and Compassion.

Photo/Videography Notice:

At JR Art Lab we may film and photograph participants and their family for the purpose of the promotions and social media. We will also use video footage and photography footage as part of our teaching projects and classes. Students may be actors, directors or models when working on team projects.

Missed Classes:

If a class is missed, the teacher will provide an opportunity for switching to another class of the same stream during that week. Depending on the missed material, a private catch-up session may be arranged prior to the next class. If multiple classes are missed, a private session will be required. Private catch-up sessions are $29 + HST per 30 minutes of tutoring. It is a good idea to do this in the following week before class should time permit.


Please be advised that if a student significantly damages JR Art Lab equipment, there may be a repair or replacement fee. Kindly understand that our digital technologies and devices are a significant part of our program and treating them with respect is essential. 


If you are participating in online classes please be respectful of the content you share from your computer. During online classes parents may be required to help with their own computers for saving and file navigation. Please be sure your child has some understanding of what Finder or File Explorer do, specifically file saving and retrieval. We can only cover so much and our focus is the area of digital arts. Mocking or bullying of any kind from parents or students will not be tolerated. 


We are all weirdos.. Weirdo quirks will be encouraged as will spontaneous singing with joy.. Enjoy yourself and have a good time. Be Here, Be you, Be a Weirdo. Celebrate the diversity of our nature.