JR Art Lab

JR. 3D Artist

Dive into 3D art creation with Blender, the super realistic 3D modelling and animation software package. Build the skills and techniques it takes to make models from scratch, then learn to bring those models to life with rendering, lighting and textures. This course turns imagination into reality, encouraging you to share your vision and inspire others.

Due to the complex nature of 3D software we will only accept students at least 10 yrs of age. If you have been at Jr Art Lab for a while and would like to give it a go please talk with us it might be fine if your child has a good understanding of computers and other design software.

In 3D printing terms students will also have the option to print their work using our Studio 3D Printer. Parents can purchase their own 3D filament from Amazon or another source and bring it in for class. This can let the students choose their own colors and perhaps share among the class members. There is a huge variety of PLA filament materials to choose from. Please ensure your filament is of the PLA variety. This type is more successful to print with when learning and has less failed prints. 

This software is open source and will allow your students to download and continue to learn and develop their skills at home. https://www.blender.org/