JR Art Lab

JR. Screenwriter

JR Screenwriter provides your child with interactive experience to unleash their creativity through the process of learning and storytelling. This course is designed to replicate the scriptwriting process of the film industry. Students will learn how to write and edit screenplays for film and television across different genres. The online classrooms are styled after industry writing rooms with table-reads. This course will also cover knowledge including cinematography and storyboarding. 

We will look at the foundation on which every great film is built—the script. Whether an original concept or an adaptation, the screenplay is the key to the success of a movie-good dialogue, story pacing, and character development are the framework everything else hangs on.

Topics including the use of color, camera movement vs. still placement will be covered. It becomes clear that cinematographers do more than simply shoot the film and make it look good. They have a direct influence on the overall tone of the movie. A shot can be enhanced by the use of a particular lens, or a specific lighting scheme. It’s their job to know what’s best.

Our Progressive course hands over creative control to students as they prove their understanding and competency with the technical and pre-production processes. Scriptwriting teaches adaptability, flexibility, thinking on their feet, and problem solving in a dynamic group setting. A skill which will serve them throughout their life.