JR Art Lab

Music Video Party

Its a Dance, Sing, Bling, ThinG.. Produce & Shoot your own MV

Make something memorable to share and keep for years to come. Look back and laugh at the fun time you had making your very own music video.

The Music Video Party is available for all ages & all event types. It could be a birthday party for a 10 year old or an outrageous hens night.

$250 + HST Package including

* up to 7 guests
* 2 pre-production meetings
* simple decoration
* party 2 hours (1 hr video shooting / editing workshop, 1 hr food and celebration)
post-production (editing, rendering, compositing)

Extra guests will be charged $35 per person.

* 2 weeks notice before the event is required to allow for preparations and planning.

* Product delivery will usually be within 2 weeks of the party.

So how does it work?

1)You pick any song from the huge variety available at https://freemusicarchive.org/music/charts/all

2) Write your lyrics.. or we can help you.. https://www.song-lyrics-generator.org.uk/

3) Pick your event date..

4) Email us admin@jrartlab.com

You can upgrade this package and turn it into a Short Film Party. Price varies depending on the complexity of the story line and shots. 

Please contact us for further discussion.  

Don’t forget to put in your links and details..


  1. How many people? (>5 – <20)
  2. Names of birthday person/celebration
  3. Date & Time
  4. Link to your chosen track
  5. Lyrics
  6. Phone number & email
  7. Your relationship to the person (eg. father, brother, wife)

    We will check with our studio schedule and get back to you as soon as possible. 

Please make sure all participants understand and accept our studio Participation & Conduct Notice, which can be found at http://jrartlab.com/participation-conduct-notice/