JR Art Lab

Photo Manipulation Party

In our Photography Party

  • A Photoshoot for you and your friends:
  • Customized Theme/Style
  • Photo Editing instruction
  • Retouching skills

So how does it work?

1)You pick any style for the photo manipulation eg. Beauty shoot, Movie Poster Image, Family Pet, Space traveler, Futuristic, Double Exposures or National Geographic. 

2) Collect some pics, words, ideas or references or call us to workshop and idea together.

3) Pick your event date..

4) Email us admin@jrartlab.com


 $250 + HST Package including

* up to 7 guests
* 2 pre-production meetings
* simple decoration
* party 2 hours (1 hr photo shooting and editing workshop, 1 hr food and celebration)
post-production (editing and compositing)

Extra guests will be charged $35 per person.

2 weeks notice before the event is required to allow for preparations and planning.

* Product delivery will usually be within 2 weeks of the party.

Don’t forget to put in your links and details..


  1. How many people? (>5 – <20)
  2. Name of birthday person/celebration
  3. Date & Time
  4. Link to your chosen style references
  5. Pictures for reference
  6. Phone number & email
  7. Your relationship to the person (eg. father, brother, wife.

    We will check with our studio schedule and get back to you as soon as possible. 

Please make sure all participants understand and accept our studio Participation & Conduct Notice, which can be found at http://jrartlab.com/participation-conduct-notice/