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FRI – JR Documentarian 10+ yrs (Spring 2024)

Theme of this term: Nature/ Wildlife Documentary.

A nature/wildlife documentary is a filmmaking genre that delves into the fascinating world of the natural environment, exploring the lives and behaviors of various species and their ecosystems. This genre aims to provide a captivating and educational portrayal of the beauty and diversity of nature, allowing viewers to gain insights into the intricacies of wildlife and their habitats. Throughout this genre, students will immerse themselves in a variety of natural subjects, including animals, ecosystems, and environmental phenomena. Guided by mentors, students will undertake thorough research to develop a nuanced understanding of their chosen natural topics, enabling them to create compelling and well-researched documentary works.

In this online course, students will receive comprehensive instruction on the art of producing nature/wildlife documentaries, covering key areas such as research methodologies, narrative structuring specific to nature documentaries, cinematography techniques, audio recording and manipulation, video editing, and more. Students will have the opportunity to craft their documentary scripts tailored to the nature/wildlife style, bringing to life the stories of their chosen subjects through short film projects.

The creation of a documentary demands critical thinking as students select, analyze, and present information about their chosen natural subjects, thereby enhancing their analytical and communication skills in the context of nature storytelling.

Worried about not having a camera or video recording device? No need to stress! This course provides all participants with access to free stock images and video footage, ensuring that everyone can actively engage in the learning process without any additional equipment. The course also focuses on the use of DaVinci Resolve 18.6 as the primary editing tool, empowering students to create visually appealing videos with their own unique style. For more information about DaVinci Resolve 18.6, you can check out https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/.

Embark on this adventure with us as we explore the boundless opportunities in the world of nature/wildlife documentary filmmaking, regardless of your level of experience!

March 22 @ 17:45 — June 28 @ 19:15
17:45 — 19:15 (2353h 30′)



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