JR Art Lab

Jul 4 – 8 ~ iPad Fairytale Animatic

You love animation right. Maybe when you grow up you want to work in Disney or Pixar. In this workshop you will learn one key step in making animations, the animatic. An animatic is made up of a sequence of still images timed to voice over and music (if you’re using them). Some animatics use rough sketches of the key frames of the sequence, scratch VO, and watermarked music. On the other end of the spectrum, some animatics use polished drawings, final VO, licensed music, and even a bit of basic movements like push-ins and wipes.In this workshop we will explore and produce our own animatics so you will have no problem showing someone that amazing idea you had for a movie.

Students must have their own iPad with Procreate in order to attend this workshop. 

A video editing app is also recommended.. iMovie or similar..

July 4 @ 09:00 — July 8 @ 15:00
09:00 — 15:00 (102h)

Beaches Lab


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