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LIVE Online Workshop ~ Abstract Artists (Top 5) (April 27- May 1)

Want to acquire some skill that will help you weather the storm? Ever dreamt of a life that isn’t affected by COVID-19 Pandemic? This is the digital skill you need to get you through more unforeseeable events in the future – Abstract Artists..

In this 5 session daily classes we will look at the top 5 Abstract artists of all time..

  1. Jackson Pollock
  2. Mark Rothko
  3. Wassily Kandinsky
  4. Joan Miro
  5. Pablo Picasso

Each day we will have a short introduction to the works of theses famous artists and then produce a work that is inspired by their own unique style and visions.

This is a great into to digital painting and also Abstract art. It should be easy to follow and allow for a lot of exploring. Students will use www.sketchbook.com for painting which is free to download for PC, Mac, iPad and Android tablets.
If you happen to have more advanced software like Affinity Photo you are also welcome to use that for class.

Abstract art is a great way to play and express our thoughts. Sometimes it can provide and insight into our emotions and feelings that we may not have awareness of. You may find this class quite therapeutic and decide to make a lot more abstract artworks in your spare time. This class is open to Adults and Children 8+ years.




April 27 @ 14:00 — May 1 @ 15:00
14:00 — 15:00 (97h)

Beaches Lab


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