JR Art Lab

MON – JR Digital Artist 8 – 12 yrs (Spring 2021)

Street Art & Graffiti Murals

Please note: there will be no class for the newly scheduled break from April 12th to 18th.

Art and creative media has always been evolving. Street art has moved from something that was a counter culture into something that is now sold in Auction houses across the globe. Banksy has become a household name and evolution of the Murals we see in public have developed a technical level of skill to be admired. This term we will study and produce a variety of different artworks using digital spray cans, stencils, markers among other digital design tools. Students will learn masking, color theory, values, composition and art production skills. During the first part of the program we will focus techniques and skill acquisition before moving on to developing students own creative concepts and artwork.

March 29 @ 15:45 — June 21 @ 17:15
15:45 — 17:15 (2017h 30′)

Beaches Lab


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