JR Art Lab

SUN- JR Filmmaker 8-12yrs

This term we will focus on the fundamental aspects of filmmaking, including basic camera angles and storytelling. A movie with a great message is a great movie. Students will be encouraged to have their own creative input so that the final productions carry their own personal message to the world. The course will be equally divided into theory classes as well as production phrase. Students will get plenty of hands-on experience and practical film knowledge. Last but not least, students will learn how to work in a film crew.

All final productions will be uploaded to the student’s YouTube Channel as well as JR Art Lab YouTube channel.

Grab your friends to share the creative joy together.

September 9 @ 17:30 — December 23 @ 19:00
17:30 — 19:00 (2521h 30′)

Beaches Lab


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