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MON – JR Podcaster 10+ yrs (Spring 2024)

Theme of this term: Film Noir.

As we enter a new term, our upcoming online JR Podcaster course shines a spotlight on the captivating world of Film Noir storytelling. This time, we’re focusing on the enigmatic character archetype of the “Femme Fatale” and featuring the villain as the main character. We invite students to explore the art of crafting suspenseful tales, where the allure of the Femme Fatale and the complexity of the villainous protagonist play a central role, bringing a touch of darkness and mystery to the course.

Our aim is to guide students in constructing compelling narratives within the Film Noir genre, infusing the storytelling craft with a noir twist. Whether it’s exploring the morally ambiguous depths of a villain’s psyche, navigating the intricate dance with a Femme Fatale, or weaving through the shadowy alleys of a noir-inspired plot, this course opens the door to a world of storytelling possibilities. Key topics covered include character intricacies, narrative nuances, and the art of seamlessly incorporating the dark and mysterious elements synonymous with Film Noir.

In this online course, students will not only delve into the technical aspects of podcast creation, such as using audio recording software like Audacity (compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and other operating systems), but also focus on nurturing their storytelling abilities. The curriculum encompasses Biofiction scriptwriting, voice guidance, audio recording and editing, and the integration of music and sound effects to enhance the storytelling experience.

Teens, brimming with imaginative tales, will find a platform to give voice to their creative narratives. Our mentors will curate selected works, showcasing them on JR Art Lab’s YouTube channel, allowing young storytellers to share their Biofiction masterpieces with a broader audience.

*For individual story creation, we’ll be using Google Docs and Audacity. Please visit https://www.audacityteam.org/ for more information about Audacity, the free and cross-platform audio software utilized in this course.

March 18 @ 17:45 — June 24 @ 19:15
17:45 — 19:15 (2353h 29′)



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