JR Art Lab

MON – JR Photographer 13 – 17 yrs (Winter 2024)

In this online photography course, participants will delve into the fundamentals of digital photography, with a specific emphasis on mastering minimalist and abstract photography techniques. Throughout the term, students will gain essential skills in achieving proper exposure, capturing images in challenging lighting conditions, and creating compelling compositions.

As the winter season unfolds, the course will shift its focus to the enchanting realm of Snow Photography, encouraging students to harness the magic of the winter wonderland. Embracing the unique characteristics of winter, participants will explore the art of minimalist photography, leveraging the season’s simplicity to produce captivating visual narratives.

Moreover, the course will delve into the expressive realm of Abstract Photography, utilizing this method as a powerful tool for conveying ideas and emotions. Participants will learn to break away from traditional forms and experiment with innovative approaches to composition, fostering a deeper understanding of visual storytelling.

Throughout the online sessions, students can anticipate a wealth of hands-on experiences and practical knowledge tailored to the nuances of minimalist and abstract photography. This course aims to equip participants with the skills and creative insights needed to capture stunning images and communicate compelling narratives in the digital realm.

January 8 @ 19:30 — March 4 @ 21:00
19:30 — 21:00 (1345h 30′)



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