JR Art Lab

MON – JR 3D Artist 10+ yrs (Winter 2023)

Robot Creative Lab

This is an exciting first for us at Jr Art Lab. This term in 3d Robot Lab we are inviting a Mum or Dad to jump in on the lesson and learn about blender and 3D printing as a bonus. We also recommend that you have access to a 3D printer at home or you can also book time at your local library or school. We will be looking into hard surface modelling (specifically robots) and designing a few of our own robots toward the end of the term. Get that sketchbook out and keep your ideas safe for future execution. Students will learn the basics of blender and 3D printing. No engineering will be included for robot function. We just do the art stuff.. After students have a handle on the creative process and software we will provide guidance on self initiated artworks toward the end of the term. 

This term we will also be preparing our robots for printing so its great if you have a 3D printer at home or access to one at your school or library.

January 9 @ 19:30 — March 6 @ 21:00
19:30 — 21:00 (1345h 30′)



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