JR Art Lab

Digital Caricature Workshop for Adults (7 weeks)


This course will help you learn the core concepts of caricature theory and facial anatomy, as well how to expand your creativity with abstract thinking. We focus on effective exercises, to improve your growing skill as an artist, and teach how to create stunning work from rough sketch to a final piece, through a mix of traditional and digital mediums.


Caricature Class Term


Topics and exercises that will be shared in this course:

  • Face Proportions & Caricature Theory
  • Line quality & Tools
  • Daily reference drawing
  • Daily creative exercise
  • Understanding layers
  • Understanding filters and effects
  • Celebrity caricature
  • Coloring and Tone
  • Family Caricatures
  • Pet Caricatures
  • Studio Caricatures


  • $280 for 7 consecutive weeks ($40 2-hour class)
  • $45 for drop-ins (cash and Square card available)

January 19 @ 11:15 — March 2 @ 13:15
11:15 — 13:15 (1010h)

Beaches Lab


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