JR Art Lab

Week 5 ~ Animation & VR

In this week long workshop students will work with a variety of professional digital softwares to plan and execute an animation with QUILL https://quill.fb.com/. Students will create and animate their own short clip in virtual reality with Oculus Rift S. Students will also learn the essential skills of planning/production and execution of a digital creative. 

First students will work with https://mural.co/ to research and then plan and develop their simple characters and world. Secondly: using  https://sketchbook.com/ students will develop and design their characters and environment with sketches, planning out all the details before moving. This process is essential and teaches participants to plan and research their creative before jumping into the art production phase. They will also plan their digital color palette and textures before building the final animation in the amazing world of VR. 

QUILL is a more advanced digital art software. It is recommended that students have some prior experience with either animation or digital painting. 

July 27 @ 09:00 — July 31 @ 15:00
09:00 — 15:00 (102h)

Beaches Lab

Bryan, Shane

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