JR Art Lab

Week 3 ~ Anatomy of a Hero

Do you love Heroes & Heroines? Would you like to improve your figure drawing? In this summer camp we will do an intensive study of a Superhero’s and his/her poses. This camp will start off with an introduction to anatomy. We will learn some of the time tested proportions and tricks to remember the body shapes and structure. After this students will take turns pretending to be their favourite super hero in a pose while other students draw them. We will also learn to draw a short animation sequence and discuss the principles of animation.

Humans are key to drawing characters and designing costumes or fashion. Learning this skill is a vital part of many art carers including animation. This is also a great reason to spend a whole week drawing and mastering your favourite hero. Once you get one down it will be a hop and a skip to abstract those ideas onto other characters.. Working with superheroes is a great way to get the traditional figure drawing art skills across to kids using their favourite characters.

July 19 @ 09:00 — July 23 @ 15:00
09:00 — 15:00 (102h)

Beaches Lab


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