JR Art Lab

SAT – ONLINE JR 3D 10+ yrs (Fall 2021)

3d Characters of Animation

This term we are going to do something special. It’s not going to be easy but it will most certainly be rewarding. If you love the 3D films of Disney, Pixar or Dreamworks studios then you probably love the amazing Characters they make. In this series of workshops our #Jr3D artist will learn how to make characters. We will start off with something a little easier and then move towards the more difficult human characters. Students will learn box modelling and sculpting in combination to assemble the characters. This is a highly useful, real world skill, that has a variety of applications in film, game design and animation. If students are feeling confident we will also look into characters from Anime.
While this is an entry level to subject we expect students with little computer experience may have difficulty so we recommend if your new to be extra patient with yourself while you acquire the knowledge. We are here to help …

October 2 @ 17:30 — December 11 @ 19:00
17:30 — 19:00 (1681h 30′)

Beaches Lab


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