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SUN – ONLINE Sketch Club for Non JR member (Nov 29th 2020)

This booking is for November 29th ONLINE sketching – ARCHITECTURE.

From November onward we will be organizing a weekly event on Sunday from 2pm – 4pm. You will need to book a space to join through our website. Due to Toronto Covid lockdown, we have now moved Sketch club to online only. Thank you for your understanding. You will need your own sketchbook to work with be it digital or paper book. Adults & Children(8+) Welcome! 

This class is different to your regular class. We wont be giving you instruction on what to do. We will have a suggested topic for the week for you to explore but that is up to you. Chat with your friends if you like and come up with your own sketch ideas. The point is to draw; Draw a lot, Sketch a bunch of different things, different angles, different framing, different lighting. Our staff will be sketching along with you so if you’re stuck for ideas copy what they are doing. Questions and suggestions are welcome.

November 29 @ 14:00
14:00 — 16:00 (2h)

Beaches Lab


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