JR Art Lab

THU – 3D Artist 10+ yrs (Spring 2020)

In this term of JR3D students will be able to design, render and print concept cars and vehicles just like model kits. Students will start by designing the base concept for the cars from a fusion of reference materials. It could be a futuristic flying taxi or a replica of an old war plane. After working on some sketches from the top, front and side of the objects we will use these to model out our crafts and components. Students will also be introduced into the ‘Kit Bashing’, using parts of other Creative Commons models to add and remix into their own designs. If you love building models from toy shop kits this is definitely going to be fun for you.




March 26 @ 19:15 — June 25 @ 20:45
19:15 — 20:45 (2185h 30′)

Beaches Lab


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