JR Art Lab

THU – JR Filmmaker 8 – 12 yrs (Fall 2020)

In this term students will learn the fundamental aspects of filmmaking, including script writing, basic camera angles and acting. We will also dive into GENRE studies. Student will work in a group setting and focus on one particular genre for their final script. For the first time ever in JR Art Lab film education history, our filmmakers will make their live action movies around an object – a toy. It can be a doll, a stuffed animal, an action figure or even a board game. Think about movies like Annabelle (but less scary), Jumanji (with less fantasy)…

Students will get plenty of hands-on experience and practical film knowledge, through working both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Last but not least, students will learn how to work in a film crew.

All final productions will be uploaded to the student’s YouTube Channel as well as JR Art Lab YouTube channel.

October 8 @ 15:45 — December 17 @ 17:15
15:45 — 17:15 (1681h 30′)

Beaches Lab


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