JR Art Lab

THU – JR 3D Artist 10+ yrs (Spring 2021)

Virtual Studio Set & Green screens

Please note: there will be no class for the newly scheduled break from April 12th to 18th.

This term in JR3D will be a whole new world of exciting.. Students will learn the basics of 3d or revise the basics production pipeline including modelling, texturing, lighting, rendering and some basic animation. We will embark on creative projects that use green screen footage and 3d elements together to produce stills and video. This is a highly useful, real world skill, that has a variety of applications in film or graphic design.
While this is an entry level to subject we expect students with little computer experience may have difficulty so we recommend if your new to be extra patient with yourself while you acquire the knowledge. We are here to help …

April 8 @ 19:15 — June 24 @ 20:45
19:15 — 20:45 (1849h 30′)

Beaches Lab


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