JR Art Lab

THU – JR Designer 8 – 12 yrs (Spring 2019)

This term students will Learn Photo Retouching / Editing & Compositing

During the first half of the term we will focus on skill development while learning how to use the photo manipulation tools to create interesting composites and photographic based artworks. These small projects should make students familiar with the interface and online resources for use with compositing. In the later part of the term students will embark on their own project. Tools for online concept development will be used to help students plan and execute a series of polished final works. HS

Options for professional printing will be presented to parents after completion of the projects should you wish to join in our July gallery event.

Students work within Affinity Photo and will require access to Affinity Photo for this course.


March 21 @ 15:45 — June 27 @ 17:15
15:45 — 17:15 (2353h 30′)

Beaches Lab