JR Art Lab

THU – JR Designer 8 – 12 yrs (Spring 2020)

This term students will be introduced to making designs and graphics for web based deployment. Each student will be introduced to building a website for their own portfolio of designs with a wordpress based engine. Websites can be a great way to get your designs or artwork out there into the world and maybe even make a few dollars with your parents permission. With the skills learned in this class students could be able to set up a simple drop shipping type website or artist portfolio. Students will also design and prepare content for their portfolio or blog including articles and products with their own designs. (product manufacture is possible but will incur extra cost for production. 



March 26 @ 15:45 — June 25 @ 17:15
15:45 — 17:15 (2185h 30′)

Beaches Lab


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