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WED – JR Screenwriter 13 – 17 yrs (Fall 2023)

Theme of this term: Comedy.

As we swiftly approach the final stretch of 2023 and the holiday season, a time synonymous with joy and togetherness, our upcoming online JR Screenwriter course takes center stage. This term, in the spirit of spreading smiles, we’re turning our attention to the art of Comedy storytelling. Laughter is the gift we all deserve, and our course aims to infuse your screenwriting with the magic of humor, bringing joy to the upcoming festivities.

Students will explore the art of crafting humorous characters and weaving side-splitting conflicts and plotlines that will have audiences in stitches. Comedy, the heart of this exploration, will infuse every aspect, from witty dialogue to hilarious situations, and even unexpected twists. Students will be guided in harnessing the power of comedy to explore themes, connect with audiences, and deliver entertainment with depth.

This online course offers an immersive experience in the art of screenwriting tailored to the comedy genre. Our mentors will impart the skills of crafting and editing comedy scripts, covering topics like comedic timing, character quirks, humorous dialogue, and the art of delivering a punchline. Additionally, students will delve into pre-production aspects of filmmaking that align with the comedy genre, enhancing their understanding of how to translate comedic scripts to the screen. Through this course, students will gain practical experience in script creation, editing, and the collaborative dynamics of team-based scriptwriting.

Whether you dream of becoming a comedy writer or simply wish to infuse your storytelling with humor, this course provides a comprehensive approach to creating comedy within the world of screenwriting. The art of crafting comedic narratives also fosters quick thinking, creativity, and teamwork skills that are invaluable in various aspects of life.

September 6 @ 17:45 — December 20 @ 19:15
17:45 — 19:15 (2521h 30′)



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