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WED – JR Digital Artist (Spring 2022) PML -Paint My Life (8-12yrs)

Drawing and painting is something that we will enjoy for our entire lives. This is the journey of an artist. Each day there are special and memorable things that happen. If we do not record them, many of them disappear into the fog of time. Artists have a unique method to record daily moments we live. Capturing the world around us keeps us in the happiest moment of life. Thats why they call it the present. Students will study objects from life with a lighting setup and also contribute their own special objects to our stage. Students will learn details about light and materials as well as sketching & rendering.. Subject matter will include: Nature, Flowers, Skulls, Stuffies, Jewels, Ornaments and artist contributions.

March 23 @ 15:45 — June 22 @ 17:15
15:45 — 17:15 (2185h 30′)

Beaches Lab


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