JR Art Lab

FRI – JR Documentarian 12 – 17 yrs (Spring 2023)

Documentaries provide a powerful platform to address various creative, ethical, and conceptual issues in daily life through the use of media devices, content, form, and production strategies. This term, students will have the opportunity to write their very own documentary, and create a captivating trailer to showcase their work.

The course will guide students through the fundamental aspects of documentary filmmaking, including essential research skills, camera techniques, footage selection, and editing. Through this hands-on experience, students will have the chance to develop their own unique story, viewpoint, message, or experience, showcasing their creativity and storytelling abilities.

Additionally, with the rapid advancements in AI technology, students will have the opportunity to explore how artificial intelligence can be utilized in the editing process to streamline their workflow and elevate the quality of their final product.

To ensure a comprehensive and challenging learning experience, this course is only available to students aged 12 years and above.

March 24 @ 17:45 — June 30 @ 19:15
17:45 — 19:15 (2353h 30′)



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