JR Art Lab

Week 7 ~ Speed Painting ( 13-17 yrs )

Speed Painting is a really useful skill in the games and animation industry. It’s like the digital version of life drawing. Timed artworks that are created in an highly explorative way to investigate possibilities and potential creative directions. In this workshop students will be creating a few different speed paintings to suit fantasy games. This is ideal for those already experienced with digital art who are looking to develop their decision making skill and practice fundamental of digital arts. Working with Light & Shadow, forms and  concept art brushes we will make a huge mess and then refine it down to something that looks visually interesting. 

This class is suitable for any experience level. Students will learn the essential skills of planning and executing a digital creative giving them the valuable insight into the self discipline required to become a successful and skilled digital artist.

August 10 @ 18:00 — August 14 @ 20:00
18:00 — 20:00 (98h)

Beaches Lab


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