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Date Night

Date Night is a typically pre-planned evening when a committed couple carves out some time for themselves away from their children and other responsibilities. Deciding to go get pizza on the spur of the moment lacks the planning and “special” feel of a true Date Night.

Date Night helps with communication. This is an essential element of an intimate relationship. But communication also involves the willingness to remove distractions such as children and career demands deliberately.

Things might be crazy — and budgets might be tight — but there’s still no excuse for not making room for love. Especially when there’s so many creative ways you can enjoy the company of that special someone at Jr Art Lab.

Why not do a plan a little photoshoot together. Learn about your DSLR cameras and dress up to make a magic invitation or special Christmas Card. Meet up with our 3D instructor and plan out how you will design the shed into a creative space for all the family. Making creative things together is where we build the magic memories that we all love to recall.

December 31 @ 14:00
14:00 — 21:00 (7h)

Beaches Lab

Bryan, Shane

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