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Together Time

Sometimes our lives get so busy and scheduled that we have to schedule some unscheduled time. That’s just what “together time” is all about. If people spend quality time together, they spend a period of time doing things that they both enjoy, and not worrying about work or other responsibilities. Beyond providing emotional support, spending time with others helps to strengthen our identification in relationships and make us feel connected to the world.

“Together time”  could be with your child, a friend or a parent. At Jr Art Lab together time can is a customized workshop that you and your “other” take together. Making special memories and creating your own digital art project. It could be a painting or sculpture that you have always admired and wanted to paint for yourself. It could be a short video you plan together and execute with assistance from our instructor. There is a Myriad of options we can customize for your “Together Time.”

You may wish to have a keepsake of your “together time” and we can produce a variety of products from your creative art.  Please visit our Artisan Merch page to see some of what we have to add on to your experience.

December 31 @ 14:00
14:00 — 21:00 (7h)

Beaches Lab

Bryan, Shane

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