JR Art Lab

Digital Plein Air w/ ‘Procreate’

En plein air painting was popularized by the French impressionists during the latter half of the 19th century. En plein air is an expression meaning in the open air. Prior to this notion, artists typically painted in a studio, working from reference drawings. Landscape artists still work in the open air while others hike into nature with only a digital camera, returning to the comfort of their studios to paint from high-resolution photographs. Working live from nature and from a live model or subject are the best ways to develop our digital art skills. Learning to ‘see like an artist’ is one of the skills we must develop. In this week workshop we will visit various locations in our local area to study from life using our digital drawing devices. Students will learn about composition, color palettes, sketching, procreate brushes, Forms, Lights and shadow as well as have a nice day out in the local area.

April 12 @ 09:00 — April 16 @ 15:00
09:00 — 15:00 (102h)

Beaches Lab

Bryan, Shane

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