JR Art Lab

Week 1 ~ Vintage Collage & Memes

The main feature of digital collage illustrations is that you don’t attribute them to a particular design style. Everything depends on the assets you use and the idea you finally come to, what gives freedom and passion for creating. Just try searching ‘digital collage’ on Google, and you’ll discover an endless flow of fascinating pieces, embracing brutalist, Scandi, Art Deco, polygonal art and many other genres.

In this summer camp we will work with vintage photos, storybook illustrations and all manner of imagery found and created to compose our own little collection of digital collage illustrations. This genre of creative is open to everyone and is a great place to start if you are looking to express yourself quickly or communicate and idea.

We will study a few digital collages and also take a look at Memes which may fall into the same genre of collage. Communicating something humorous or ironic to the viewer. A good collage can be worth a thousand words.

July 5 @ 09:00 — July 9 @ 15:00
09:00 — 15:00 (102h)

Beaches Lab


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