JR Art Lab

FRI – JR Digital Artist 13 – 17 yrs (Fall 2022)

Animals are amazing and their diversity as a subject matter is challenging. If we learn a bit about the anatomy of animals we can learn how to create forms, shadow and light with more knowledge. This term students will learn to study, paint and draw a variety of animals and wildlife. Students will be introduced to various wildlife artists from across the globe. Students will learn how to draw and paint in Affinity Photo using a laptop or desktop computer and a drawing tablet. After students have a handle on the painting process and software we will provide guidance on self initiated artworks toward the end of the term.

NB: You must have a copy of Affinity Photo and a drawing tablet to join this session.

iPad artist/Procreate has its own session.

September 30 @ 16:00 — December 23 @ 17:30
16:00 — 17:30 (2017h 30′)



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