JR Art Lab

WED – JR iPad Artist 3D 10+ (Fall 2022)

This term students will be guided on how to sculpt animals using Nomad Sculpt for iPad. This iPad software is pretty sophisticated and capable of amazing things in the skilled users hands. Check out #NomadSculpt. Specifically this term we will look into animals and their anatomy. Learning the anatomy of animals will help guide us how to produce more realistic looking forms in our sculpting. Where do muscles cause bulges in the tigers legs. How big is a Rhino’s butt… hmm don’t tell me never thought about it. Students will need access to a iPad  to join this session and a digital drawing stylus or Apple Pencil is recommended to get the most out of this experience.

September 28 @ 18:30 — December 21 @ 20:00
18:30 — 20:00 (2017h 30′)



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