JR Art Lab

Week 8 ~ 3D Architecture ( 8-12 yrs )

This class will be a unique study adventure for students wishing to learn about building 3d architecture. From simple houses to multi-story buildings. Every green screen shot needs environment/3d Models to match/fill the scene in films and tv productions . If games are more you style then look at the complex 3D cities of some of your favourite games.

In this workshop we will be creating some basic scenes to learn about the modelling process. We will  begin modelling a small house with rooms and internal structures and progress to a subway scene and a large city. We will then look at textures and lighting the scene before rendering it as a digital image worthy of your portfolio. If you want to make your own scenes for movies of games with VFX this is the place to begin. Students will also be introduced to stock 3D websites that will help fill out their scenes with Creative Commons content.

This class is suitable for any experience level. Students will learn the essential skills of planning and executing a digital creative giving them the valuable insight into the self discipline required to become a successful and skilled 3D artist.

August 17 @ 15:00 — August 21 @ 17:00
15:00 — 17:00 (98h)

Beaches Lab


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