JR Art Lab

Week 5 ~ Pixel Arts ( 8-12 yrs )

In this week of Digital art workshops students will create a variety of pixel based graphics that were popular in the Retro gaming world. Think Mario 2 and Space Invaders.. Students may wish to have their artwork printed at the end of the week onto a custom shirt that they can then wear around town with pride. Oooh what about a Retro Zelda shirt with Link and Sword.. That sounds pretty cool. Maybe even your friends will want one.. Printing one plain color shirt will cost an extra $20.00

This class is suitable for any experience level. Students will learn the valuable skills of planning and execution of digital creatives giving them the valuable insight into the self discipline required to become a successful and skilled artist in today’s world. 

July 27 @ 15:00 — July 31 @ 17:00
15:00 — 17:00 (98h)

Beaches Lab


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